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Cebit Eurasia 2011 Istanbul

The biggest technology fair in Turkeyhas just been over. More than 100.000 visitors and about 1000 companies met for four days.

Pardus was one of the biggest pavilion as for the last years. We ran out of DVD’s before the fair is over, altough we prepared 10.000 of them with the latest release of Pardus, which is 2011.2 Cervus elaphus. :)

The pavillion was full of fun. We hosted the SigmaRD artist collective with their body/gesture controller based on Kinect, which is written with Qt and runs on Pardus.

Their project Natural Interface, converts human interaction (gestures captured through Kinect) to X events. Thus, you can control desktop applications by simple hand gestures.

We also provided a home entertainment unit with a comfortable couch and a big LCD TV. In the previous events, we were tired and bored from the questions and prejudices about games on Linux. This time we showed everyone, how you rock with Linux! Hundreds of people enjoyed playing World of Goo, Frets on Fire, Crayon Physics, Open Arena, Torcs etc.and watching HD movies (free movies of course like Sintel, Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny ;) )…

But most of the people was interested in the interactive digital board which was powered by Pardus.

I should tell about this a little bit more. There is a project called Fatih, aims to improve technological infrastructure of Turkish educational system. It is planned to install digital interactive boards in all classrooms and Pardus has been chosen as the operating system. This means more than 600.000 interactive boards will be powered by free software and KDE! :) Another chapter of the project is providing tablet PC’s to all school kids where it is still controversial if the OS will be Pardus or another system (Android?). That is a though decision as it means 15.000.000 tablets will be operated which will be 15% of the whole market of tablets. (Yep, that’s right! :) )

Finally I want to thank all volunteers for their great work ! We couldn’t do this without their faith.

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  • Great post. It’s amazing what you’re doing down there (Swiss perspective ;-). Thanks a lot for your work with KDE software!

  • kuta

    There’s no words :D

    It would be totally awesome if Pardus were to be used in tablets. Even more so if the interface is built on plasma. How widely is Pardus used in Turkey nowadays overall?

  • @kuta Pardus is the most used Linux distro in Turkey, also in goverment side its used by army for more than 600 servers and 7000~ thin clients all over Turkey.

  • Dude, really cool… Rock on :D

  • Harry Weinfurt

    here a different Swiss perspective
    be honest, the turkish gov/army is paying this and all that gets created are some lousy python scripts? i dont see anythin diffrent here, just another patriotic act of megalomania.
    whats next, turks taking over the world and force everyone to prosper underarm hair? :)

    dont u want to create your programming language, pystuss?
    ** simple hello world example
    ümpört ümüt

    start ünity öpllicätion[____this____ and _____that____ !]
    —–displäy[___this__and___that___ ?, “””””Hellow Orld”””””]

    // and yes plasma is just a braindead idea of seigon

  • annma

    About schools tablets PC Pardus versus something else, is it about Linux lacking in some areas or is it only a matter of who is pushing the hardest?
    Great to see that governments like yours are choosing free software. Awesome work from Pardus!

  • @jospoortvliet Thanks dude!

    @Harry We have lots of money for spending to create some lousy(!) python scripts (Have you ever checked Pardus code base? http://svn.pardus.org.tr ) ;) and yes, we have big plans for rest of the world. Also there are some programming language researches already based on Turkish syntax like http://delab.csd.auth.gr/bci1/Balkan/650tutar.pdf

    @annma it is only matter who is pushing hardest… We are pushing hardest :) Actually Android based something (it is my personal opinion) will gonna take this. Thanks at all.

  • Inge Wallin

    This is awesome. Regarding the tablets, is there anything KDE can do to help? Make presentations? send information?

  • Thanks, if we need help I will inform you ;)

  • a

    Nice to see how the developing world is embracing free/libre software. This shows clearly that the future of computing is in FLOSS. The question is: when will the so-called developed world (a.k.a. “the west”) free themselves from the economical dictatorships of MS and Apple and catch up with the rest of the world?

  • parduscrazy


    in post You mention something about 600.000 interactive boards in classrooms. Will it be a tablet, a thin client or what exactly is the meaning of a interactive board? Could You pls clear this up

    Thanks in advance!

    btw: Is the name of the project “Fatih”, or is it a typo and it should be “Faith” ?

  • No its a big board which all students can see it from their seat, its simply a huge LCD supports multi-touch. U can see one of them in the post. And Fatih is correct, its a very common name in Turkish.

  • Hello to the turkish Pardus-Devs!

    It is great what you are doing! We, the german community will help in every way we can!
    If Pardus will be ported to tablets instead using Android, will there be a ARM-fork/base of Pardus or is it planned to use x86 tablets?
    I would be happy if PardusARM will come ;-)
    I use a Pogoplug and Seagate Dockstar as ARM-based homeservers and now they run with ArchlinuxARM, but really would like to see Pardus on it :)

    Future will bring this or those…..just go on with your good job!!

    bye from Germany


  • Thanks! In tablet side there is nothing clear. There is a work for Pardus ARM port, also we have mailling-list for Pardus ARM fork if you like to follow: http://lists.pardus.org.tr/mailman/listinfo/pardus-arm

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  • Tom

    Great news! Will the tablet run Plasma Active?

    Keep up the great work!

    PS. Greetings from Germany.

  • Actually its still not certain will they use Pardus, Android or Winx on tablets, if they decide to use Pardus on tablets Plasma Active will be the first option on that, but as I said first we are still trying to push using Linux first on tablets.