July 18, 2009 8

Pardus 2009 Released !

At least our final release 2009 is ready for humanity :) Which includes KDE 4.2.4 and lots of backported features of KDE 4.3, lots of management tools which are fully integrated with KDE itself and following fresh open source softwares:

* KDE 4.2.4
* Linux kernel
* OpenOffice.org
* Firefox 3.5.1
* Gimp 2.6.6
* Xorg 1.6.2
* Python 2.6.2
* Texlive 2008
* GCC 4.3.3
* GLIBC 2.9

You can grab your own copy from here.

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  • Go Pardus go !

  • Hi ! I use Pardus 2009 since the beta version and I must say it is wonderful with it’s KDE integration, diffrential upgrades and integrated management tools.
    One question remains though, some programs are in “early” beta version, even in this final version of Pardus 2009 ; e.g. Amarok is a “2.2svn” version and Digikam is 1.0 beta 2. Don’t you think it cause some problems to users ?
    I must say also that Firefox could be more integrated, there is no program associated to opening actions, like opening Dolphin to see the download folder.
    thank you for this wonderful work !

  • Markus

    Why did you backport KDE 4.3 features if you could’ve just wait a little bit longer and just include the final release?
    Which features were backported?

  • KenP

    Excellent. I installed it last night and find it extremely stable. I also love the system tools integrated into KDE.

    Will you release 4.3 packages as an update?

  • kaismh

    Congratulations on the release. The best KDE based distro out there.

    @Markus: The new error dialog is backported. I didn’t notice other feature, at least on the UI side.

  • whilo

    I hope you know that the kernel has an remote exploit due to a null-pointer dereference which is fixed in

  • another backport in Dolphin : preview of images visible into the folders icons.

  • What is the middle widget in the first ‘column’ of widgets?