May 28, 2009 2

Pardus 2009 Alpha Released

We just released Pardus 2009 Alpha with great work of our team and release maintainer \o/ Alpha includes KDE 4.2.3 with some of backported changes, Linux 2.6.30_rc7 and also a series of new managers for end-users. You can grab it from here.

A little time left for the final release ;)

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  • jospoortvliet

    Congrats, I’m sure this release will rock! I guess you guys release it short before 4.3 to be sure there is something to look forward too ;-)

  • kaismh

    Great news, can’t wait to try it out. I have used Pardus for almost 1 year and I loved it (specially PISI), but switched when KDE 4 came and I want to have an early taste of it.